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Elegant Black & White Effect (Icon Coloring Tutorial)

Program: Photoshop CS5
Steps: 4
Difficulty: Super Easy

This is my second Icon coloring tutorial & as you can tell I am obsessed with bright colors & coloring, but sometimes I crave for old time pictures (a pure sacred color + a color of a dark night with a hint of grey). So I decided to make this simple easy tutorial, without going through curves & levels layers.

Going from   sample4a to   sample5

So, let's begin

1- Crop, sharpen & desaturate your image by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+U.


2- Add a solid color layer, fill it with #e7e7e7 & set it to Overlay Opacity 100%.

* Some images might appear too bright after this step, if so reduce the opacity until you get a proper result.


3- Add another solid color layer, fill it with #dbdbdb & set it to Multiply Opacity 25%.


4- Add a selective color layer & set it to Normal Opacity 100%
Black: 0, 0, 0, +100

* If you want the black to be more intense, duplicate the selective color layer.


And we're done =)

Other examples:

sample6 sample7 sample7a sample7b

I would like to see your results ^-^
Comments & credits are always

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